pastel stripes and flowers

hello nail art addicts

some days ago we posted a picture of beautiful pastel stripes and flower nails. the nerd already showed you how flowers are done and a way to make some cute nails with flowers. today i tried myself on those pastel ones. i think they turned out pretty cool and i'll show you today how they're done.

first a list of what i used:

- essence top coat - that i use as base coat, cause in the end it's the same :)
- light rose, dark rose (the one that looks orange here, sorry about that) and a light green by claire's
- essence nail art pen in green and pink
- white by mny

ok. so after you applied the base coat, you put the background for the later design on. thumb, middle finger and the pinky are in light green, index finger and ring finger in light rose. the essence colours are pretty covering but maybe you'll need to add a second layer, depending on what brand you use. 

when everything's dry, we can start with the petals of the flowers. i used the dark rose first. just make 3 little dots, which are 3 out of 5 petals. don't worry if they're not even or something, later no one will notice that, because the nails just look too AWESOME ;)

afterwards you take the light rose and make two further dots. i put them a bit over the dark ones, like the pansy has it. 

then you should let those drops dry a bit. i made them with a very thin brush, but of course you can also make them with something else. i have pretty small nails, so i needed something for making very small dots. 
the next step, while letting them dry, we go to the light rose painted nails and do the white stripes. i used an old eye liner brush (just wash it out completely before using. you don't want any black on it, especially not when using white afterwards). just make vertical lines in white. they won't be completely straight unless you have super still hands ;) don't worry about that. as you can see i also made a white dot in the middle of the little flower, as i was already using the white polish. 

now's the time where you really need to let them dry, as you don't want to smudge what you already have. i let it dry about 15 minutes. 

afterwards i took the essence nail art pen in green and pink. with the pink one i made two little dots next to the white one, to give the flower a bit more depth and real look. with the green pen i made some leaves coming out of the flower. i added them randomly, sometimes two sometimes three. it doesn't matter, just do it however you like it the best.

okidoki, now you're done! :D my endproduct looked like this

i really like them and even though it's not exactly the same as in the pic we posted some days ago, they are incredibly cute. 

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial. if you try them, let us see your pics! we'd love to have some feedback.
xoxo, the beauty



Good Evening my dears :D

I just wanted to announce my next project;
It's gonna be DIY balcony decoration, since i got some old furniture from the beauty ;) and I think it needs some refreshing.
Stay tuned!
the nerd

Little Yellow Flowers

Good Morning!
As we have posted last time, we saw some bautiful flower nails and wanted to try them ourselves. I did one with flowers, but not the same as there was in the other post.
I did it for the first time, didn't turn out bad but could get better.
Here's how it works and how it turned out.

You can choose the colors for the flowers yourself, I just liked the light yellow paired wth the mint green.

You'll need:
>light yellow polish
>darker yellow polish
>mint green polish
>white polish
>top- &basecoat
>green, white &purple nail art pens

So. As for step 1, apply the basecoat. (getting oooold, but i think as of now you should know to always do that first.)
When it dried, do a layer of white. Depends on what white polisch you use, but in my case (MNY White) I needed to do a second white coat. I didn't want it to be opaque white, just a little see-through base. Let it dry.
It doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see, you can remove the 'leftovers' later.

2nd step: You draw a little flower on your nail, just right where you want it, with the light yellow (H&M 'going bananas') or whatever color you chose. It doesn't matter if the petals are't the same size, cause natural flowers aren't symmetric either ;)

Once again, let it dry.

3rd step: apply the darker yellow polish (H&M 'being on the A-list') on the lower part of the flower, just so the petals look a little more 3dimensional. Don't brush it on, instead just 'tip it' until it covers the area you want.
I'm not going to tell you to let it dry every time, it should be clear that you let your polish dry after every step.

When it's completely (!) dry, take your white nail art pen (Essence 'French manicure white tip painter') and draw small highlights on the upper side of the flower, and, as you wish, on the lower part.

Once you're done, you can do the additional thing i did; little mint green leaves.
Take your Mint polish (L.A. colors 'green satin') and just draw little leaves, coming in from one side of your nail. To do that, start with the broad side of it und just slowly release the pressure on the brush, to let it end in a little tip.

To finish it off, i added white stripes on one nail i left white with my nail art pen. I also painted little green leaves besides the flowers with my nail art pen (Essence nail art pen 'fresh green'), that way you can 'overpaint' petals that look too big. Additionally i did little points in the middle of the flower with my nail art pen (Essence nail art pen 'sweet berry'), to make it look even more 3dimensional.
That's how it turned out:

It was my first try, I don't think it turned out bad, though on second thought i'd leave the mint leaves away.
Anyway, next time it will turn out alot better, be prepared :D


absolutely gorgeous nails

ok so today we were just checking out some nail designs that we like or we would like to try ourselves. and we came across THIS . 

these are the most beautiful nails i've seen in a long time. we haven't quite figured out yet how to make those petite flowers. as soon as we'll have them we'll let you know and post a detailed tutorial :)

some other ones that look awesome are THESE

while the first ones are definitely more on the feminine, cute side, these black jewels are for tougher rock chicks ;) of course you can change the black to any colour you like and change the look. but the hearts on the ring fingernail definitely found their ways in our heart :)

so check back soon for new tutorials on primpyourlife


Rainbow Bright

Welcome back! :)
Today I decided to do a nailstyle in the colors of the rainbow, just because I felt like it :)
It's actually simple French Nails, only with colors.
Really Easy.

You'll need:
>dark blue
>light blue
>greenish color
>base- &topcoat
>light pink*

(*this one is optional, i just used it because i like it better than the natural tone of my nails. If you like yours, leave it.)

Of course, you can vary with your colors as you wish, that's just what i used. It's also helpful if your nails have a little tip. It doesn't have to be long, 'cause you can create one, but it doesn't work with really short nails.

First, start by applying your topcoat, as always.
Let it dry.
Then, if you decide to put the light pink on, do that and let it dry again.
Here you can also see the length of my nails, they're not too long and not even the exact same length, but that doesnt matter for this nail style.

Second, pick the order in which you want to have your polishes on.
Start by applying one after another on the tip, just like with French Nails.
You should pay attention to how broad you make it, so you just do the tips in the same size on all your fingers.
When you're done, let it dry and remove the polish on your skin with a Q-tip (and you most probably will have a lot of polish next to your nails, but it looks better in the end than if you'd just put color on the upper surface.)

Do a second coat if one of the tips is still transparent, that depends from polish brand to polish brand.

In the end, you'll have cheerful nails that go with everything, because there's all the colors in it :D
Enjoy your rainbow tips and see you next time.



Burn Out (4 color fade)

Welcome back for another Nail Tutorial! :)

This time, i decided to do a fade-out style with four colors;
yellow, orange, red and pink.
You'll also need a base- and a topcoat and a transparent polish, preferably one you don't need anymore that's pretty liquid and not sticky.
Here's what i used.

You wanna start by applying your basecoat, to protect your nails and also to make it easier to remove the polish when you wanna change your nails.
When the basecoat dried, you start by applying the yellow polish on the whole nail.
I just did it on the ringfinger and did the other nails in one color, but you can do it on all your nails if you want to.

When the yellow polish dried, you continue with orange. You should maybe use a lighter tone of orange than I did, because it doesn't really show in the end if it's too dark, but that's just what i had to work with.
Don't apply it on the full nail, just do a horizontal stripe. Then use your transparent polish (do it quickly, because the orange polish has to be still wet) and just tenderly mash the orange down. When you're done, it should look like this.

See, nobody's perfect. If you paint your finger (you probably will) just remove it afterwards with a q-tip :)

Let it dry (really really dry! you don't wanna ruin it already, right? :))
Once it dried, apply the red in the same manner you did with the orange, draw a horizontal stripe and slowly tear it down with the transparent polish.

Once again, let it dry.
(yes you need a lot of patience for this one, especially if you are doing all of your nails.)
As a last step, apply the pink at the top of your nail, stripe it down with the transparent polish and let it dry.
Now you're almost finished!
I did all my other nails red, and once all of them were dry, I covered the whole thing with the topcoat, so do that now.
The endresult looks like this:

I just noticed that on the pictures, you can't see the pink. (The bottle of polish next to the yellow actually is the pink one. looks red) In real, you can see it alot better, don't worry.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it! We're always happy about some feedback.
Stay tuned and check for new tutorials :)


hi everyone, this is going to be our very first tutorial for nail design. we're going to start off with some beautiful (and easy!) black and golden tiger leaves nails.

first a list of things you will need:

- transparent base and top coat
- white and golden nail polish
- black nail polish pen, or just black nail polish

ok so the first step is obviously, as it should always be the first thing you do when doing your nails, apply base coat. it'll protect your nails from the other colours and gives you an even platform for the next steps.

after the base coat dried completely, apply one or two layers of white polish. how many layers you'll need depends on your white nail polish and how thick your layers are.

your nails should look somewhat like that now:

let the white polish dry completely. you don't want to risk scratches or something just because of a lack of patience ;)

now take your golden polish. just start at the edges of your nails and paint a line that gets pointed towards the end. you start at the edge you want your leave to come from and end somewhat after the center of your nail. you can vary between one leave or two leaves and chose a different design for each nail. the finished procedure will look like this.

now comes the most crucial moment. you really need the golden polish to be dry, because now we will paint the inside of the golden leaves black. like that you'll have black leaves with golden borders.
you can either use a black nail polish pen. we used the one by essence. but of course you can also use black nail polish and a very thin brush or tooth pick of the tip of a bobby pin or a pen or....you see there's plenty of ways to make your own nail art accessories ;)

ok, so back to the nails. now you use your black colour and paint on the inside of the golden leaf. leave a thin border so the gold is still visible.

we decided for those colours because of a bracelet that had those colours and it matched perfectly. it's as you've seen very easy and the effect of the finished nails is beautiful!

we hope you enjoyed our first post about nail art and we'd love to hear some feedback :)