Spring is coming.

As the beauty already stated, warm weather seems to start settling down here in Zurich. Hopefully! Sick of the cold and the sneezing and freezing.
I already promenaded down to the lake, ate lunch outside and just chilled on the balcony, 'cause i don't wanna miss any minute of sunshine :)
But what would spring be without an appropriate spring wardrobe?
So i, too, made a little set. As you can see, I'm really into blue and green lately. And i lohove the big bangles! Also the three-finger ring has really caught my eye. If only it wasn't so expensive..
However, it's no big piece of art, just a time-beater :)

Spring is coming.

Hope y'all are enjoying the weather too! :)

xoxo, the Nerd.


push it real good - with converse lavender

hi guys

spring is right around the corner and the days are starting to get warmer and longer. it's about time to put those winter boots and heavy coats away and take out your spring clothes.

for that occasion i put together a set of my favourite shoes with a matching outfit. i looove converse and i wish i had them in every colour available. they look cute with a mini skirt and cool with shorts and are comfy as heaven :)

so here it is:

i hope you like the outfit as much as i do :)

xoxo, the beauty