Spring is coming.

As the beauty already stated, warm weather seems to start settling down here in Zurich. Hopefully! Sick of the cold and the sneezing and freezing.
I already promenaded down to the lake, ate lunch outside and just chilled on the balcony, 'cause i don't wanna miss any minute of sunshine :)
But what would spring be without an appropriate spring wardrobe?
So i, too, made a little set. As you can see, I'm really into blue and green lately. And i lohove the big bangles! Also the three-finger ring has really caught my eye. If only it wasn't so expensive..
However, it's no big piece of art, just a time-beater :)

Spring is coming.

Hope y'all are enjoying the weather too! :)

xoxo, the Nerd.

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  1. Love these colors for spring! The accessories are too cute :)