the people


age: 24
hometown: Zürich
weapon of choice: fairy dust

loves... shop, to draw and paint, to discover new music, to eat (and to cook), to drink sparkly stuff, flowers - lillies and poppy especially, to travel, to meet friends and loved ones, to play boardgames and game with the nerd for hours, to talk and to listen, and love.

second star to the right...or left?


age: 25
hometown: Zürich
weapon of choice: lightsaber

loves.. shop, to listen to music, to paint, to draw, to dress up, to play video games, to play board games, to drink beer, to drink wine, to cook, to read, to talk a lot.
..the best friends, the own apartment, the movies, the superheros, the comics, the party, the arts, the bands.

accepts gold from leprechauns.