Little Yellow Flowers

Good Morning!
As we have posted last time, we saw some bautiful flower nails and wanted to try them ourselves. I did one with flowers, but not the same as there was in the other post.
I did it for the first time, didn't turn out bad but could get better.
Here's how it works and how it turned out.

You can choose the colors for the flowers yourself, I just liked the light yellow paired wth the mint green.

You'll need:
>light yellow polish
>darker yellow polish
>mint green polish
>white polish
>top- &basecoat
>green, white &purple nail art pens

So. As for step 1, apply the basecoat. (getting oooold, but i think as of now you should know to always do that first.)
When it dried, do a layer of white. Depends on what white polisch you use, but in my case (MNY White) I needed to do a second white coat. I didn't want it to be opaque white, just a little see-through base. Let it dry.
It doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see, you can remove the 'leftovers' later.

2nd step: You draw a little flower on your nail, just right where you want it, with the light yellow (H&M 'going bananas') or whatever color you chose. It doesn't matter if the petals are't the same size, cause natural flowers aren't symmetric either ;)

Once again, let it dry.

3rd step: apply the darker yellow polish (H&M 'being on the A-list') on the lower part of the flower, just so the petals look a little more 3dimensional. Don't brush it on, instead just 'tip it' until it covers the area you want.
I'm not going to tell you to let it dry every time, it should be clear that you let your polish dry after every step.

When it's completely (!) dry, take your white nail art pen (Essence 'French manicure white tip painter') and draw small highlights on the upper side of the flower, and, as you wish, on the lower part.

Once you're done, you can do the additional thing i did; little mint green leaves.
Take your Mint polish (L.A. colors 'green satin') and just draw little leaves, coming in from one side of your nail. To do that, start with the broad side of it und just slowly release the pressure on the brush, to let it end in a little tip.

To finish it off, i added white stripes on one nail i left white with my nail art pen. I also painted little green leaves besides the flowers with my nail art pen (Essence nail art pen 'fresh green'), that way you can 'overpaint' petals that look too big. Additionally i did little points in the middle of the flower with my nail art pen (Essence nail art pen 'sweet berry'), to make it look even more 3dimensional.
That's how it turned out:

It was my first try, I don't think it turned out bad, though on second thought i'd leave the mint leaves away.
Anyway, next time it will turn out alot better, be prepared :D

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