Rainbow Bright

Welcome back! :)
Today I decided to do a nailstyle in the colors of the rainbow, just because I felt like it :)
It's actually simple French Nails, only with colors.
Really Easy.

You'll need:
>dark blue
>light blue
>greenish color
>base- &topcoat
>light pink*

(*this one is optional, i just used it because i like it better than the natural tone of my nails. If you like yours, leave it.)

Of course, you can vary with your colors as you wish, that's just what i used. It's also helpful if your nails have a little tip. It doesn't have to be long, 'cause you can create one, but it doesn't work with really short nails.

First, start by applying your topcoat, as always.
Let it dry.
Then, if you decide to put the light pink on, do that and let it dry again.
Here you can also see the length of my nails, they're not too long and not even the exact same length, but that doesnt matter for this nail style.

Second, pick the order in which you want to have your polishes on.
Start by applying one after another on the tip, just like with French Nails.
You should pay attention to how broad you make it, so you just do the tips in the same size on all your fingers.
When you're done, let it dry and remove the polish on your skin with a Q-tip (and you most probably will have a lot of polish next to your nails, but it looks better in the end than if you'd just put color on the upper surface.)

Do a second coat if one of the tips is still transparent, that depends from polish brand to polish brand.

In the end, you'll have cheerful nails that go with everything, because there's all the colors in it :D
Enjoy your rainbow tips and see you next time.


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