Burn Out (4 color fade)

Welcome back for another Nail Tutorial! :)

This time, i decided to do a fade-out style with four colors;
yellow, orange, red and pink.
You'll also need a base- and a topcoat and a transparent polish, preferably one you don't need anymore that's pretty liquid and not sticky.
Here's what i used.

You wanna start by applying your basecoat, to protect your nails and also to make it easier to remove the polish when you wanna change your nails.
When the basecoat dried, you start by applying the yellow polish on the whole nail.
I just did it on the ringfinger and did the other nails in one color, but you can do it on all your nails if you want to.

When the yellow polish dried, you continue with orange. You should maybe use a lighter tone of orange than I did, because it doesn't really show in the end if it's too dark, but that's just what i had to work with.
Don't apply it on the full nail, just do a horizontal stripe. Then use your transparent polish (do it quickly, because the orange polish has to be still wet) and just tenderly mash the orange down. When you're done, it should look like this.

See, nobody's perfect. If you paint your finger (you probably will) just remove it afterwards with a q-tip :)

Let it dry (really really dry! you don't wanna ruin it already, right? :))
Once it dried, apply the red in the same manner you did with the orange, draw a horizontal stripe and slowly tear it down with the transparent polish.

Once again, let it dry.
(yes you need a lot of patience for this one, especially if you are doing all of your nails.)
As a last step, apply the pink at the top of your nail, stripe it down with the transparent polish and let it dry.
Now you're almost finished!
I did all my other nails red, and once all of them were dry, I covered the whole thing with the topcoat, so do that now.
The endresult looks like this:

I just noticed that on the pictures, you can't see the pink. (The bottle of polish next to the yellow actually is the pink one. looks red) In real, you can see it alot better, don't worry.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it! We're always happy about some feedback.
Stay tuned and check for new tutorials :)

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