hi everyone, this is going to be our very first tutorial for nail design. we're going to start off with some beautiful (and easy!) black and golden tiger leaves nails.

first a list of things you will need:

- transparent base and top coat
- white and golden nail polish
- black nail polish pen, or just black nail polish

ok so the first step is obviously, as it should always be the first thing you do when doing your nails, apply base coat. it'll protect your nails from the other colours and gives you an even platform for the next steps.

after the base coat dried completely, apply one or two layers of white polish. how many layers you'll need depends on your white nail polish and how thick your layers are.

your nails should look somewhat like that now:

let the white polish dry completely. you don't want to risk scratches or something just because of a lack of patience ;)

now take your golden polish. just start at the edges of your nails and paint a line that gets pointed towards the end. you start at the edge you want your leave to come from and end somewhat after the center of your nail. you can vary between one leave or two leaves and chose a different design for each nail. the finished procedure will look like this.

now comes the most crucial moment. you really need the golden polish to be dry, because now we will paint the inside of the golden leaves black. like that you'll have black leaves with golden borders.
you can either use a black nail polish pen. we used the one by essence. but of course you can also use black nail polish and a very thin brush or tooth pick of the tip of a bobby pin or a pen or....you see there's plenty of ways to make your own nail art accessories ;)

ok, so back to the nails. now you use your black colour and paint on the inside of the golden leaf. leave a thin border so the gold is still visible.

we decided for those colours because of a bracelet that had those colours and it matched perfectly. it's as you've seen very easy and the effect of the finished nails is beautiful!

we hope you enjoyed our first post about nail art and we'd love to hear some feedback :)

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