Travel Checklist

This is how it's supposed to work; add the top two categories, together with the 'general items' list, to the Trip of your choice (below) and you'll have a complete checklist that won't fail you.
Feel free to print it out or just use it online. 

Before I leave my house I..

In my handluggage I pack..

General Items  
but do not belong in hand luggage

Cell Phone Charger
Camera Charger
Extra Storage Card for Camera
Make-up Bag
Shower Gel/Shampoo
Hair Brush
Straightening Iron/ Blowdrier if needed
Tootbrush/ Toothpaste
Case and Solution for Contacts
Glasses with cleaning towel
Skin Care Products
Rubber bands/ Hair Ribbons
Bobby Pins 

Then I'm ready to go on my..

Summer City Trip
Summer Beach Vacation
Winter City Trip
Ski Ttrip

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