Summer City Trip

For a 7 day city trip I pack..
given I probably change at least once a day.

3 pairs of Shorts 
3 pairs of Skirts
3 Maxi-Dresses (those are the best for sightseeing in summer)
1 pair of long Pants
4 Cardigans (light and warmer ones)
1 Sweater
2 light Jackets
5 basic Tanks/ Shirts/ T-Shirts
2 Shirts/ Blouses
1 little black dress
1 pair of closed Shoes (in case of rain)
1 pair of whatever shoes you feel most comforatble with walking all day
1 pair of Sandals or
1 pair of Ballerinas
1 pair of black Heels that match with every outfit
matching jewelry for each outfit
1 big shopper
1 small black purse
favorite sunglasses

1 big hat
2 pajama bottoms
2 shirts to sleep in
2 pairs of thights (black and nude, you never know if it gets windy or cold at night)
2 or 3 light scarves
nail polish for your toes, just in case
1 belt

Any suggestions/ things we forgot? Leave them in the comment section!

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