Alice in Wonderland Nails

Hey ho.
I KNOW, it's a little late, but we've been busy with university and real life ;)
On Halloween, one of us went as Alice in Wonderland, and the costume wouldn't be complete with the right set of nails, would it?
It's really quick and easy nails, but they look awesome.
So, here we go.

You'll need:
>red polish
>top- &basecoat
>black &white nail art pens

your nails need a certain length, it's really hard to do this one if they're to short.

As a first step, base-coat your nails and let it dry. (as ALWAYS!)
Then, take your red polish and do the first layer of red tips.
Let it dry.
Once they're totally dried, do the second coat.
(if your nail polish is really opaque, then one coat should be fine)

Then, take your black nail art pen and start drawing the symbols of the playing cards randomly.
I did one per nail, except for the ringfinger. Because there are only 4 symbols, I took the white pen and drew all four symbols together on the ringfinger.
I did one symbol per nail, randomly placed.
You can vary as you wish, draw two symbols on one nail, do a big one, a smaller one.. doesn't matter :)

That's what mine looked like.
Seal it with the topcoat and you're done! :)

(Sorry for the bad pictures, had to take them with my phone 'cause my camera was.. unfindeable ;) )

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