Going Eco With BlueAvocado

Hi guys

So the world is constantly changing and sometimes it's for the good, sometimes for the worse. Recently I've tried to live more ecofriendly and it's always cool to find new things or projects that have the same in mind.

There's certain things that I hope a lot of you are already doing consciously (and if not, start now). They are easy, don't cost and actually can do some change. For example: turning off lights in unused rooms, wash your clothes at 30°C, not letting water run while brushing your teeth and using re-usable bags. Which brings me to what I actually wanted to show you today.

Maybe some of you have come here through LaurenConrad.com and already know about this, other may have already heard or seen it somewhere else. I'm talking about BlueAvocado!

Here is a little exerpt from their home page:

Welcome to BlueAvocado, where an eco—conscious and reusable lifestyle means both doing good and looking good.

Made from Repreve® certified, recycled polyester fabric, our products give new life to recycled plastic bottles and feature an impact label to help you map your "green journey."

Isn't that great?! They have so many cute and adorable and chic products and all are eco-friendly and doing some good. Here are a few of my favourites.

So maybe some of you think about getting something? The lunch boxe could easy be used as a picnic box on a romantic date? Or wouldn't it be much cooler to pack for a trip when you know you could put your things into the cute travel kit?

Anyways, I absolutely love the project and their products and I hope I could inspire some of you to think and try to live a bit more eco-friendly. As we just saw, it's super chic.

xoxo, the beauty

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