Christmas present nails.

Hi guys

today it was the frist day that it really snowed here in zurich. it was finally cold enough for the snow to stay and everything looks like it's covered in powder sugar.

as it's only a week until christmas i thought i would finally decorate my nails in a bit a christmassy way (cool word, huh?)

the christmas present nails !

it's totally easy and fast to make and it looks so cute :)

first start off with base coat ;) haha as always. then do a  french in whatever colour you want. i chose red as it is a christmas colour for me plus i'm in a red phase. let it dry completely. unfortunately i forgot to take a picture but i guess it should be clear how it's done.

then take a nail art pen. i used the essence french manicure & pedicure pen in white. make a cross on your nail. so a vertical and a horizontal line. the horizontal one should be right where your french manicure ends, that way you can also trick a bit if your french line wasn't perfectly straight. add two little rings in the upper part and two short lines in the lower part which will be the ribbon.

et voilĂ , your nails look like little cute presents :) of course you can take any colour you want. that goes for the french and the ribbon colour. 

here are some other pics:

as i thought, hmm, i would kinda like to add some sparkle which totally belongs to christmas in my opinion, i added a little gem on each nail where the knot of the ribbon is.

and those are my final christmas present nails :)

i hope you like them and maybe even try them yourself. let us know how it went or post pictures!

the beauty

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